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Safe Dental is here to help for all eventualities… have you lost your dentures in Hospital or a Care Home?

Is it the case that a staff member, nurse or someone else lost or accidentally misplaced your dentures?

We have helped many patients acquire new dentures quickly paid for by the hospital or care home.

We will provide you with new dentures while you are on location, this can be achieved by our urgent service in 7-14 days (due to dietary needs) or normal service which is slightly longer.

You will be eligible to claim new dentures. So don’t worry about the cost.

We will instruct one of our dental professionals to act on your behalf to correspond with the hospital/care home about the claim. We will completely manage the claim with the hospital or care home for payment of lost dentures, so relax and rest easy that we are sorting everything out for you.

Often it is the case that hospitals or care homes will give misleading information to patients that you can obtain services for replacement dentures through the NHS while in hospital.

In the majority of cases, such services are not available and lead to extended delay before you can obtain replacement dentures. Many hospitals/care homes appear to do to avoid the cost of staff error.

We recommend that you begin the process with us now as your advocates (we will look after your concerns)… we will need the following information:

♦ Full Name
♦ Date of Birth
♦ Your Phone Number
♦ A reliable Email Address
♦ Name of Hospital or Care home that lost your dentures
♦ Ward or Room number
♦ Address of Hospital or Care home

Call us now with the above information and we will start to care for your needs right away:
Tel: 01132 525 428 Emergency: 07887 702 257
Email: contact@safedental.org