Here at Safe Dental, we know Halloween is a fun and spooky time to spend with friends and family filled with all sorts of tasty snacks and treats. We do also however know the ghoulish and nasty things that too many sugary and sticky treats can do to yours and your little ones teeth. We would never tell you to avoid the fun and traditions of Halloween but we can fill you in on some helpful and teeth friendly recommendations:

  • Some sweets are better than others. For example, sweets that melt and dissolve quickly are less harmful for children teeth. In comparison to sweets that expose teeth to sugar for longer (e.g. jelly and gummy sweets) allow more time for bacteria to feed and produce decay-causing acid.
  • Don’t be misled by sweets such as mints – some of them are packed with hidden sugars – always make sure to read the labels!
  • Try not to be tempted by sweets or chocolates that are chewy and hard, such as toffees, caramels, gummies and lollies – they are likely to spend longer on your teeth exposing them to sugar compared to other treats.
  • It may not be common knowledge but drinking water or chewing sugar free gum after your child eats sweets is a simple way to wash away all the nasty bacteria left in their mouth.
  • Try to serve a healthy and filling meal before trick-or-treating (or sweet snacking at home this year) this will hopefully make the kids less likely to binge on sweets afterwards
  • After meal time is the best time for sweets! As saliva production increases and washes away cavity-causing sugar and bacteria, after meal time is again the best time. Try not to let kids snack on sweets throughout the day as the bacteria will linger.
  • As always follow an oral health routine. Make sure your kids’ teeth are brushed at least twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste for two minutes each time and flossed once a day. Regular trips to the dentist should be made and any pain or sudden sensitiveness should be check asap.


Have a Spooktacular Halloween and brush those fangs!

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