We Repair Dentures of Every Type, No Matter What The Problem

If a Denture Is Repairable, We Can Fix It!

We Can Handle a Challenge

In the past we have repaired dentures that have been run over by a car, and even chewed by a dog. Whether your denture has a simple crack or is in many pieces, we can reassemble the parts that others would decline to tackle! We can even repair dentures that have been glued together in the wrong alignment.

Denture Rejuvenation; by appointment only.

This is a unique service from Safe Dental: We can sharpen up denture teeth that are worn, reline loose dentures, add soft linings, adjust sore spots, professionally clean those stubborn areas, re-balance dentures that have never chewed properly, and even modify the appearance of dentures that do not look as good as you wish.

What is our Availability?

Denture repairs are normally available from Monday-Friday between 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Many denture repairs can be completed in one hour, but if you would like to economise, slower services are helpful;
we therefore offer a range of services to suit your requirements.

All the following speeds of service are available on request. Simply call in to the dental practice so we can evaluate the problem, and give you an instant quote. Then we can repair your denture while you wait if you wish to have the quickest service:

1 to 2 Hours | 4 Hours | 24 Hours | 1 Week

Weekend and Emergency denture repairs are available on request.
If you find yourself in the embarrassing position of breaking your denture outside normal hours then do not worry. Our dental expert Stephen Harrison is available via his mobile: 07887 702 257 If he cannot help you personally at that time, he will give you a colleagues number who can.

Denture repairs by post

If it is not convenient to visit us, you can use our same day postal return service. Simply pack your denture in a small box or bubble wrap in a jiffy bag.

Include a brief note stating; your name, address, telephone number & any requests you have.
Post your package either by 1st class or Special Delivery to:

Safe Dental F.A.O. Stephen Harrison
32 Commercial Street
LS27 8HL