What Can We Offer For Your Money?

We can make private Dentures from as little as £640 (per upper or lower). As we began as a Dental Laboratory prior to becoming a Dental Practice, we have considerable experience (over 35 years) in providing dentures for patients and have built up the skills to provide higher specifications. We can offer greater choice for patients who are concerned about the appearance and reliability of their dentures. The way your dentures fits and looks really does matter to everyone involved, especially you!

What You Can Expect?

Ask yourself how well your previous denture performed for you, and would you prefer something better or similar?
If you consider buying a car you might be aware of a wide range of choices, perhaps from a Reliant Robin to a Rolls Royce, with a wide price range; it is much the same with dentures. 

At Safe Dental we offer 5 standard levels of denture specifications. As all our dentures are custom made to suit the individuals wishes and needs, we also offer an almost endless range of options to make sure you get what you would most like.

Fortunately, this is where a consultation at Safe Dental will really help.
We often give a range of choices for you to choose from and you may select any price range or specification. You are free to take the advice home, discuss your options with family; friends if you wish, or come back to us for a further consultation if you have more questions, or require a payment plan or for anything else.