We hope you are all well and dealing with the current Corona Virus situation as best as you can. Here at Safe Dental we have made both yours and our safety our priority for your next visit.

As you may have heard via the media, dental practices can now open to provide a range of care again and we are now open.

Your oral health is still paramount to us and although we must be more cautious going forward, we should not let recent events cause us to neglect this.

We have been working tirelessly during the lockdown period to ensure we know enough about the spread of the virus, especially in a dental environment, so that your next visit with us is as safe as it ever was.

We have now reopened, having reviewed and adjusted our infection control procedures and redesigned the way we operate, so that we can welcome you back with our usual focus on safety for you, our colleagues and clinicians. We have followed the science and dental guidance in our preparations to return to face-to-face care.

You will see some common changes when you next visit us, for example:

  • We have social distancing measures in place.
  • A screen at reception and clear markings on the floor.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the door for you to use as you come in.
  • You will be given a mask to wear.
  • The dentist and nurse will be using upgraded personal protection equipment.
  • We have also done advanced studies into infection control procedures and air filtration for coronavirus and put in place the following:
  • An air purification system to filter aerosols and deactivate pathogens with ultra violet light.
  • A computer sensor to monitor any particles and aerosols in the surgery – if we do notice any changes we can either change or suspend treatment.
  • We may also use a new transparent, protective cover to shield your face during treatment.

When you book your appointment we will advise you on the key information.

The first stage will be to have an examination to check your current needs. From there we will evaluate how we can plan your treatment and book the first appointment for that. We have new considerations in planing treatments & appointments, & the diary needs to be organised to best manage this, so we will not have as much flexibility as we used to have.

Before your appointment we will contact you to ask some screening questions, which will be re-confirmed at your appointment. We will take a new medical history and ask you for signed consent. Appointments will be managed to allow for social distancing, also to accommodate patients the government has categorised as shielding.

How you can help:

Please contact us if you would like to book an appointment. Please do not arrive without an appointment. If you were mid treatment or have a wish for some treatment now, please contact us at your earliest convenience for an appointment.

We expect things to take a little while before services return to what you previously experienced as normal, but please do not worry about your next visit to us. We are doing everything we can to treat your dental needs in the safest way possible. We look forward to seeing you again and be assured of our continuing commitment to you and your families.

Thank you in advance for your patience and we hope to see you soon!

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